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09 June 2007 @ 12:25 am
Episode 1.04 Transcript/Description  
So, here's my first very detailed oriented transcript of Episode 1.04 "Liar, Liar" I'm going to see how this works out and let me know if you guys like it. If not, I just won't bother with the rest. I'm a writer - I love to write, and I hate just writing the general YouTube description stuff haha. It comes with the territory, I guess... so here goes nothing:

Lucas has been keeping to himself since Brooke had broken up with him about a week ago now, but he also finds himself closer to Peyton than he has ever been in awhile now. As the two share a glance in the library, Peyton feels the spark, but looks away not knowing how Brooke feels about the situation.

*Opening Title*

Haley and Dean go to the Cafe the next morning, Haley to let her mom know she's fine and Dean to talk without Sam interferring or eavesdropping. Dean asks Haley about Nathan, and why she hadn't gone to him the night before. Haley replies saying he was the first person that came to mind - he was always the one she could count on to be there when she needed someone. Ever since she had known him. Dean tells Haley the truth, that when she told him to stay out of her life it had hurt. But he had come to terms with it, and he also tells Haley that she has to make up her mind. Does she want him in her life or not?

As Haley brings up the issue of Dean having to leave several times again, Dean gets a little frustrating, but knows it's hard. It's hard for him to leave, and has been getting harder everytime he sees her again.

Back at the Roe house, Karen finds herself writing an e-mail to Keith, who seemed to be dodging her calls. She basically tells him that she's still there, and whether he's alright or not. After sending it, she flashes back to the time where Nathan had taken enhancement drugs to improve his game and passed out on the floor at a basketball game. Instead of turning to her husband, like any regular wife would, she turned to Keith.

After a basketball game, Haley is waiting outside of the Durham Field Gym for Lucas to talk to him about what's been going on but finds herself going back to a few nights before when she finally spoke her opinion about her father, and his wrong-doings.

Keith: Hales, I know what I did was wrong, okay? You don't need to tell me that, but I want you to come live with me.
Haley: I can't. Dad, do you not understand the consequences of your actions? You didn't just hurt mom, you hurt me. It's like... we're not good enough for you.
Keith: That's not true. It's not! Haley, you're my daughter, my only daughter and that's all that matters. You're my world Haley, you always will be. I love you - and I never meant to hurt you, just like I never meant to hurt your mother. I made a mistake...
Haley: *stands up* You can't just apologize and expect everything to be okay.
Keith: I know! But what else am I supposed to do? Tell me what to do Haley.
Haley: There's nothing you can do, Dad. Unless time travel has been invented and you can go back and take this whole thing back! But you do have a choice to make - who's family do you belong to? Mine, or with Karen's? You don't get two families.
Keith: I wish I could - I do. I didn't mean for any of this to happen. But, none of this means I stopped loving you and your mother.

Back at Tric, Brooke finds Haley a little distracted and the two chat. Brooke tells Haley about her growing relationship with Sam, and asks what's been going on with Dean. Haley tells Brooke it's nothing - it can't be anything. Brooke then brings up Deb and Keith, and immediately apologizes for it, but not only that for her parent's divorce. Haley and Brooke share a hug.

Later that night, Haley - getting ready for her performance finds her ritual being interupted by Dean. She explains to him why she was underneath the table and Dean tells her she has nothing to worry about - she'll do great. Although, Haley doesn't sound as convinced as he does. Dean pulls out his wallet and tells Haley that he'd bet his car on her doing awesome (which is definately saying something since Dean loves his car). Haley simply laughs at his gesture but Dean pulls out a twenty anyway and tells her he's serious - the twenty's for the down payment.

As Haley performs her song, we get a shot of Peyton and Brooke on the floor talking before being 'shushed' by Peyton as Brooke gets too loud and Brooke simply cheers Haley on.

We soon find Deb talking to Dean about how things are doing with Haley. Dean tells her that they're talking - it's a start. Deb tells Dean not to give up, and that she'll come around eventually.
Deb: She just needs to know that you're in it for the long haul.
Dean isn't quite sure how to prove to Haley that he'll always come back to her, but just thanks Deb anyway and Deb tells Dean she always liked him when he was with Haley.

Karen overhears the two and wonders where her own son had gone - her son that was supposed to be dating the star on the stage.

After the show, Peyton confesses her real feelings to Brooke about Lucas, telling her that she needed to know how Brooke felt about it - whether she still had feelings for Lucas or not. Brooke doesn't answer.

Dan proposes a way of getting back at Keith and Karen to Deb, which results in a simple "No way in hell." back from Deb as she tells him she has her own plan that doesn't involve having anything to do with him.
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crimsonredmagic: roomies baleycrimsonredmagic on June 9th, 2007 10:31 am (UTC)
That was great. i think doing the descriptions like this adds to the vids. I especially like the conversation Haley had with Keith. Can't wait for more.
kendra.: Haleycloudlesssmile1 on June 9th, 2007 03:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the feedback! :)